If you do not find me in my office or in the control room during office hours, below are some possible excuses.
Events are listed in reverse chronological order, dating back to the start of my PhD project.

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date in 2018 what where
Jul 10–13 astrochemistry :: past, present, & future Pasadena, CA, US
May 28 – Jun 1 Olympian symposium - gas and stars from mpc to Mpc Paralia, Greece
May 14–16 Netherlands Astronomers Conference 2018 Groningen, NL
Feb 23 NOVA Network 2 meeting Leiden, NL
date in 2017 what where
Dec 18 thesis defense; collaborator meeting Leiden, NL
Oct 31 NOVA Network 2 meeting Groningen, NL
Aug 31–Sep 1 Fundamentals of Life in the Universe Groningen, NL
Jul 24–26 Measuring star formation in the radio, mm, and submm Manchester, UK
Jul 12–14 PILS team meeting Bern, Switzerland
Jun 19–23 The broad impact of low frequency observing Bologna, Italy
Jun 6–9 ASTERICS-OBELICS python programming school Annecy, France
Mar 2 Netherlands ALMA community day Leiden, NL
Feb 14 NOVA Network 2 meeting Amsterdam, NL
date in 2016 what where
Dec 12–15 the hydride toolbox Paris, France
Nov 10–11 PILS team meeting Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 11 NOVA Network 2 meeting Leiden, NL
Sep 5–9 Fourth LOFAR data processing school Dwingeloo, NL
Aug 30 work visit to Leiden Observatory Leiden, NL
late June move from Copenhagen, DK to Zwolle, NL
Apr 4–6 LOFAR science workshop Zandvoort aan Zee, NL
Feb 15 visit to ASTRON Dwingeloo, NL
Jan 25–26 PILS team meeting Leiden, NL
date in 2015 what where
Oct 5–8 from clouds to protoplanetary disks: the astrochemical link Berlin, Germany
Aug 3–5 visit Nordic ARC node Onsala, Sweden
May 12–13 Danish National Astronomy Meeting Helsingør, Denmark
Feb 15–19 StarPlan retreat Bormio, Italy
Feb 2–3 seminar talk at MPE Garching, Germany
date in 2014 what where
Dec 9/10/11 work visit to Leiden Observatory Leiden, NL
Nov 26–28 CASA workshop at ESO ALMA regional centre Garching, Germany
Sep 8–10 Planet Formation and Evolution 2014 conference Kiel, Germany
late July move from Lethbridge, AB to Copenhagen, DK
May 22 work visit at University of Calgary Calgary, AB, Canada
Jan 31 seminar talk at University of Calgary Calgary, AB, Canada
date in 2013 what where
Jul 15–20 protostars & planets VI conference Heidelberg, Germany
Jun 2–7 IAU symposium 299: formation & evolution of planetary systems Victoria, BC, Canada
May 28–30 CASCA annual general meeting at UBC Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mar 1 work visit at University of Calgary Calgary, AB, Canada
date in 2012 what where
Oct 8–12 colloquium talk and work visit at HIA-NRC Victoria, BC, Canada
Sep 26 colloquium talk at University of Calgary Calgary, AB, Canada
May 2–4 SPIRE ICC meeting & consortium meeting Banff, AB, Canada
Apr 5 work visit at University of Calgary Calgary, AB, Canada
Jan 17–20 Herschel calibration workshop ESAC, Madrid, Spain
date in 2011 what where
Dec 8 work visit to University of Calgary Calgary, AB, Canada
late June Move from Groningen, NL to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Jun 6 SRON science days Dalfsen, NL
May 19 Nederlandse AstronomenConferentie Texel, NL
Feb 18 SRON science forum Utrecht, NL
date in 2010 what where
Nov 30 'Dutch' ISM/CSM meeting Leiden, NL
Nov 16–19 ESO ALMA-Herschel workshop Garching, Germany
Sep 6–9 Herschel and the formation of stars and planetary systems Göteborg, Sweden
May 4–7 Herschel first results symposium (ESLAB 2010) Noordwijk, NL
Apr 26–27 CHESS meeting Amsterdam, NL
Apr 13–16 HIFI deconvolution workshop Bonn, Germany
Feb 15–16 CHESS data reduction meeting Toulouse, France
date in 2009 what where
Oct 8 'Dutch' ISM/CSM meeting Leiden, NL
Aug 2–5 astrochemistry congress Glasgow, UK
May 25–28 CHESS line ID & analysis workshop Toulouse, France
date in 2008 what where
Dec 8–10 HIFI deconvolution workshop/CHESS meeting Bonn, Germany
Nov 7 'Dutch' ISM/CSM meeting Leiden, NL
Oct 6–10 IRAM millimeter interferometry school Grenoble, France
Jul 7–14 observing at JCMT (July 9–14) Hawaii, US
Jun 9–10 SRON science days Dalfsen, NL
Apr 6–11 work visit, University of Manchester Manchester, UK
date in 2007 what where
Oct 8–12 NOVA fall school Dwingeloo, NL
Sep 10–14 Massive star formation conference Heidelberg, Germany
Jul 26 – Aug 3 observing at JCMT (July 28–31) Hawaii, US
Apr 23 – May 4 Herschel Winter School Les Houches, France
Apr 5th 'Dutch' ISM/CSM meeting Amsterdam, NL